What I’m Reading, 3/27/17


  • “High Noon” — book about cultural history of 1952 movie that in large part was an allegory for matters related to the Hollywood blacklist, McCarthyism, Cold War
  • “Life Studies/For the Union Dead” — poems by Robert Lowell, a mix of personal and historic
  • “Kingdom of the Young” — short stories by good friend Edie Meidav, at once lyrical, evocative, emotional


  • “Lithium for Medea” — seeking to reread this striking novel by brilliant but lesser-known writer, Kate Braverman
  • “Playing Through the Whistle” — dear mate S.L. Price’s book about life and football in a Pennsylvania town
  • “BART” — history of Bay Area Rapid Transit, told by good friend Mike Heely


Thoughts, 2/4/17

What a start to 2017. Began with three weeks in Australia, where I worked at the Australian Open tennis tournament for Tennis Channel as writer-researcher and overall tennis geek. Here’s a look at one of the spots I occupy – our broadcast booth, in this case alongside colleagues Bill Macatee, Martina Navratilova and Paul Annacone.

Upon return, in high gear for the February launch of my new book, “Don’t Bet On It,” an Amazon Kindle Single (the equivalent of a 60-page book). “Don’t Bet On It” is a portrait of my late wife, Joan Edwards, and our 28-year romance. It has taken me more than six years to bring this book to life, and as you can imagine, everything from the writing to seeing it released has been quite emotional. And yes, there’s a tennis subplot that even surfaces in the book’s title.