Stories by Joel Drucker 


“Jimmy Connors at the US Open, First Hate, Then Love”

  • my first byline in the New York Times

Martina Navratilova: The Tennis Player Who Came in from the Cold

  • 40 years later, the tale of Navratilova’s defection to the United States

A Sweet Second Act” 

  • Dennis Farina, a policeman who became an actor

“Rome is Burning”

  • portrait of broadcaster Jim Rome

“After the Gold Rush”

  • cultural history of the rise and fall of the tennis boom


The Open: My Season of Gain and Pain

  • personal kaleidoscope of the US Open

Fantastic Voyage

  • tennis fantasy camp and its connection to the loss of a loved one

Nonstop to JFK

  • why I read about the Kennedys on airplanes

San Diego Tennis Trilogy

The Tale of the Brown Indian and the Stupid Sissy Sport

  • profile of legendary player-coach Pancho Segura

San Diego’s Tennis Curse

  • then and now on the tennis journey with four SD tennis icons

A Jew and the California Dream

  • families, tennis, Jews and California history


The Beatles and Slams

  • comparing each of tennis’ majors to a Beatle (includes lyrics)

What Happened at Indian Wells?

  • documentary style approach to controversial 2001 Indian Wells tournament

It’s Only Rock & Roll, But I’ll Buy It

  • the world of rock & roll posters